I have realized that this journey isn't a hobby or toy...

I have realized that this journey isn't a hobby or toy that you can pick up and put down. This is hard work and dedication that one must be ready to do no matter how hard it gets. To get my life back on track I'm willing to do whatever God wants me to do. It is a lifestyle change. I am not trying to be a super model, LOL! I just want to be healthy and live a long time without physical problems. It is sad that it had to take my mortality for me to pay attention to what is going on with me and take my health seriously. I hope everyone is paying attention to what I am saying.

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I attribute this discovery to God because it has been my fast that has put me in tune with God and my relationship with him. I am on a social and spiritual transformation and I am loving this journey. It's like I had an epiphany.

I think about what my weight has meant to me and over the last 51 years it has meant, love, acceptance, no judgment (because you had to love me for me to be with me), judgment,self esteem, anger, joy, rejection, self worth and best friend. It was never mad at me, never made fun of me, never yelled at me or made me feel like I didn't belong. My weight has meant all of the pain in my life.

Growing up I was under constant criticism by my mother, siblings and peers. I couldn't fit in and I tried to hard to fit in and it altered who I really was and that is when I used food to comfort my emotions and this is where I entered my 51 year coma.

Now I have woke up from a 51 year old coma and I'm living the life God promised. It is not an easy journey, I must be stead fast in my faith and in constant prayer for my deliverance.

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