Sleeping on an Airplane

Last night I fell asleep in my seat as our plane screamed it's way up the eastern seaboard, into Canada and out over the deep blue Atlantic Ocean. I have no recollection of this, as I slept harder than a rock. I finally awoke like a bear awaking from it's winter hibernation. Quite hungry and ready to get on with the day.

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About 2 hours later we touched down in Istanbul, Turkey. The world's only city to sit on 2 continents. That's right! Europe and Asia. We paid our visas, grabbed our luggage (well, most of it), cleared customs and made our way to our hotel. The Sebnem Hotel sits in the shadows of 2 historic mosques. The Aya Sofia and the Blue Mosque. We dropped our bags and hit the very crowded, ancient brick streets that we're teaming with thousands there to partake in Ramadan. It was amazing.

We walked the streets, took pictures, enjoyed a great meal and totally soaked up the environment. There is a spirit of excitement and love in the air. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity en route to serving in Kenya this week. And knowing that at this time tomorrow, I will be in Kenya, with 13 others, including my on 14 year son, that God has called to this mission, brings such joy and astonishment.

The adventure has just begun. But I know God's version is far greater and more beautiful than the one I would try to script in my simple brain.

Tomorrow, we wake up, see a bit more of this wonderful place, even eating lunch in Asia, before making our way to Nakuru. I can't wait to see what has store for this Tsunami Ministries Africa Mission Team.

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