Indiaand now indonesia!

Hi guys.. Its been a while since I have blogged!

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We have been SO busy with relief work that I have hardly had a chance to sit down and think! I will write more on that at a later date.

I am writing because I need your help. Its that time of year I need to raise some money! I have been asked to go to India and now indonesia In February into March. We will be doing a follow up training with the ones we trained last year in india. They are now weekly reaching over 10,000 children in remote areas and villages in India. Along with this trip, we will be going to Indonesia! this is EXTRA exciting. We will also be training a group of people there to do "Sunday School." If you don't know, Indonesia has the world's LARGEST Muslim population. We have a great opportunity to show God's love to this nation and it's beautiful children.

It will be a 3 week long trip. From February 12-March 3. Adding an extra country into the mix adds a lot of extra funds. So I am writing this to ask for your help. So many of you have helped me in the past, and I am hoping for the same response, plus more. The power of Partnership is the strongest thing we as the Body of Christ have! If you would like to Partner with me, and help make this possible then please, Click on this "donate" button. (at the bottom of this page.) You can transfer any amount directly into my PayPal account. This is usually the easiest way. If you would like to send a check, please email me at or private message me thru a Facebook message. I will get back to you with my mailing address.

I truly appreciate all of your helpIf you can't help me financially, then PLEASE keep me and the rest of my team in your prayers as we go to places most people wouldn't want to go.. Stand in the gap for us.

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