I'm not a numerologist...

I'm not a numerologist but I have confirmed these messages, giving to me by Spiritual team intuitively, by someone who is knowledgeable in the area. Regardless of my expertise it doesn't matter because this system it works!!!

Why are numbers important?

There is mana in numbers and each has a spiritual significance/meaning. Its influence can be seen in nature, astrology, scriptures, numerology, symbolism and more. Numbers hold information and run vibrations/power.

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Your guides and Angels can and will sometimes use numbers to send you messages. Numbers can also help you to find your Spiritual path.

What I'll be covering is your number patterns and how to use it for your benefit.

How to find your number

Here are some ways you can figure out what your pattern number and power number is. I am not talking about your "power number" that comes from numerology but it wouldn't surprise me if they we're somehow connected.

Create a chart that shows your experiences by quarters my example shows it by years. Go back as far as you would like. Begin to map significant events.

What you are looking for is to see if there's any type of patterns of when good or bad things happen(Good or bad according to what you believe that is.) It's not about finding good,thenbad in any type of sequence. Your trying to figure out thepatternortiming(which is the number) ofwhenthese event's occur.

Example in this chart it shows that in 1990 something good happens then six months later something bad happens. Six months after the bad (lost job) something good happens by finding a better job. Six months following this person get a raise and six months after that he/she loses weight.

This person's pattern or power number if you will would be six.

Another way to find your number is to monitor your prayers, spells, energy work or manifestations results. What you want to do is monitor when you get what you ask for. For myself I know I have two numbers one and three. So, this means in one second, one hour, one day, one month or a year I could get what I had asked for. I have been able, through observation, to narrow down my results to immediate(1 sec/ 1 hour) to 1 month. The same goes for the number three.

Angel numbers. As mentioned before your guides and angels will sometimes communicate to you with numbers. These numbers usually come in sequence. I recommend looking the numbers up to find out their meanings.

Finding the number meanings

Really it's just about doing some research. I would ask my Spiritual Team for help before I start to research the number meaning this way I would be guided to the right one. You'll know what meaning is best for you by your intuition. For those who do not believe in a "spiritual team" no problem just pray on the situation prior to doing the research.

Using it as a Gauge

Your number can be used as a gauge to tell you when you when you will receive what you have asked for. Basically the results of your prayers, energy work, spells or manifestation practice. Not only does it give you a time frame but it strengthens your belief in receiving. When your faith becomes stronger it increases your ability to bring in things you never imagined.

The number also can give you a heads up of when you need to form a new goal. When you have that feeling like life is good, you're on top of the mountain and things couldn't get better what you need is a new goal. Goals help the energy to flow (I have a blog on Goals). Often time when a person doesn't have a goal they find that things go really good in their life then something bad happens. They're the people who say, "every time something good happens then something bad follows."

The best way I can describe why this happens is the energy you are running to create situations needs to flow so, if you don't give it a command (a goal) it will settle on what you're projecting in the field at that moment. All it takes is one negative thought, small happening (ex. Stub toes) or connecting cords with someone and the energy begins to flow directly to those things creating more.

Using it to power up

You can channel the mana of the number just by knowing it's power. Use it in your mediation by drawing it's power in. Add it to your energy work as a symbol or to power up your prayers.

Changing your number

Talk to your team to help you to do this. Simply state your new number with certainty out loud to the universe. Begin to incorporate the new number in your mediation, energy work or prayers.

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