This post is dedicated to my coach...

This post is dedicated to my coach and wonderful friend, Lisa. Thank you for empowering me, teaching me and guiding me through my toughest lessons. I am forever grateful.

As this year soon draws to a close, now is a good time to reflect on the spiritual lessons we learned this year. Here is the list of my top ten. What have your lessons been?

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1. This year, I learned to give myself permission to do whatever my heart and Spirit feels is right to do, no matter how much others dislike and protest my choices. I learned that my primary relationship in my life is with myself, and that I don't need to seek or earn anyone's approval.

2. I discovered what kind of people I can have relationships with and what kind of people I cannot have relationships with. I learned that I am a very giving person, and many times, I go overboard with my generosity and end up getting hurt. I'm learning to be more selective and choosing to be close to people who are givers themselves, who don't keep trying to take pieces of my Spirit away from me. Instead of hanging on to the past, I learned that it's perfectly okay to let go of people and situations that no longer fit. I learned to cherish myself.

3. This year, I learned to develop a two-way communication with the Heavens. With practice and a lot of help from my coach, Lisa, I'm learning to tune into the messages given to me by Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael , and my team of Guides and Angels. I learned that I can call upon the Heavens for help any time I need, and I will always find unconditional love, support, guidance, reassurance, comfort and healing. The Divine Beings in Heaven have a wonderful sense of humor. Many times, I had wanted to cry but instead, they found a way to make me laugh by helping me see myself more clearly. I learned that I'm not alone. My Guides said to me this year, You will have help from on High. I will take your hand and we will walk together.

Everyone, including you, can receive messages from your Guides and Angels, and work together with the Universe in a partnership that helps you in all areas of your life.

4. Because of this two-way communication, I accidentally (or not accidentally) discovered that I am a healer. I discovered that when I ask Jesus and Archangel Raphael to send their healing energies through me, my touch has cured myself and others physically. I learned that consciousness, love, kindness, the ability to forgive and the ability to let go of the past are the true ingredients that reverse disease and produce physical health. There are more healers in our world today than ever before, and our abilities are not unique. Every person, including you, can become a healer if you choose this path for yourself.

5. Life is a mirror, and that is the Truth. I learned that if you want others to honor and respect you, you first have to honor and respect yourself. If others aren't listening to you, it's probably because you don't listen to yourself. If someone doesn't respect your boundaries, it's because you don't respect your own boundaries. Many of my lessons have been about this Truth.

Before I became a spiritual person, I used to get bitten by mosquitoes constantly, and they would only target me and no one else. After I learned to build energetic boundaries around me and draw the line between who and what I allow in and who and what must stay out, guess what I haven't had a mosquito bite in two years. I learned that once a person shifts, everyone else must shift as well. No relationship can stay the same if one person changes, whether that relationship is with a human being or with a mosquito!

6. Earlier this year, I almost fell into spiritual addiction. I studied too much Law of Attraction, read A Course in Miracles , did the exercises and recited a whole stack of index cards with affirmations written on them. Interestingly, the more I worked with the information, the more ineffective my life became. Rather than taking action, I just sat home waiting for my affirmations to magically kick in, and waiting for my positive vibrations of love and joy to alchemize into gold. When it didn't happen, I felt very misled by mass market spirituality. I put away all of my affirmation cards and stopped reading about the Law of Attraction. Instead, I learned to seek Truth from within. I focused on healing my fears, integrating life lessons and bringing my subconscious into consciousness. I felt certain that this was a better path for me, and it turned out to be right.

One of my dearest friends put it very eloquently when he told me about a conversation he had. His friend asked him, Where are all the girls at? And my friend, a pretty spiritually evolved person, replied, I don't work on the chicks, I work on the magnet. And that's exactly what I mean.

7. I'm learning to allow my heart, the center of my Spirit, to lead my life. In the past, I led life by my intellect, my ego and my fears, and life contained very little meaning and joy. I learned that our hearts will never lie to us, and it emanates deep Truths about our life purpose and how our Spirit wants to express itself. While our minds have obsessions with money, fame and power, our hearts want to be loved, protected, accepted, fulfilled and put into service. I learned that our hearts have amazing abilities to create and recover, and to broadcast passionate energy throughout our Being when we draw from it's power. Healing, therefore, always starts with the heart and so is the act of creating financial abundance as well as creating family happiness. The heart is your stabilizer, the instrument that travels downward and connects you to the Earth, and travels upward and connects you to Heaven.

8. I'm learning that sometimes I have to lighten up about life, and to not take every failure to heart so deeply. I'm learning that even though our experiences can feel very painful, a part of our Spirit chose to learn this particular lesson in this lifetime. Even though the mind won't ever be able to understand this, I'm learning to not criticize my journey, and to instead make peace with life. I'm learning that there is a deep part of every Soul that yearns to grow, and that every experience, good or bad as we perceive it, is progress and holds spiritual treasure.

9. I'm learning that the goal of any spiritual journey isn't about enlightenment or salvation. I prefer things that are practical and grounded, and thus I believe that the goal of any spiritual journey is Becoming fearless, or acting with courage in spite of fear; Exercising self authority, where you are the only being in charge of your emotional self (not friends, family, parents, spouse, culture, the media, etc); Building self esteem, where you drive out feelings of inadequacy, handle inner and outer conflict, and treat your mind, body and spirit with respect; Developing your voice, where you speak your truth and not have to hide; Bringing your fears and private agendas into consciousness, where they can be healed; Reaching for the highest potential of humanity, where you continually increase your capacity to forgive and to show compassion; and Animating your life, where you empower yourself to create exactly what you want and never feel victimized.

10. Finally, I learned a very poignant lesson this year. As we change ourselves for the better and become more joyful, we naturally want to bring other people along for the ride. We want others to accompany us on this path of joy, and to pull others out of their misery and make them happy. I learned that you and I cannot make anyone happy that doesn't choose to be happy. Everyone is entitled to happiness, but many people don't choose it, and it's not our responsibility to choose it for them. Its very hard to watch someone spiral downward and get stuck in depression, addiction, anger and misery but I learned that I can't rescue them if they don't want to be rescued. I can't intervene with the life lessons their Spirit chose. I have to let them walk on their journey, to let them learn their own lessons.

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