Two investigators came to church...

Hope all is well wherever you're found. Had a less than awesome week, as far as success went, but it all was made up for on Sunday when two investigators came to church. It was interesting, because they we're the investigators with whom we'd worked the least this week, just because our schedules couldn't line up.

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They we're also the two I expected least to progress. I sure got humbled

The one, Gabriel, who's a good friend of the ward mission leader, came completely of his own accord, which surprised me. In the past he'd been dragged out to church by his friend, and didn't enjoy it very much, but we'd had a lesson with him about a week previous and left him some scriptures to read in the Book of Mormon, and he showed up.

I asked him, "hey Gabriel, did you do anything interesting this week?"

To which his responded, "Yeah, I read a little bit from the Book of Mormon."

"Wow! That's sweetdid you enjoy it?"

He says, " Yeah, I loved it. I read until about 2:00 in the morning last night, and I felt really god about it."

I felt extremely humbledGod prepares his children whether or not the missionaries are there every step of the way. He has a baptismal date for the 12th, so we'll see how that goes, but that was sure crazy.

Transfer meeting is on Monday, and I've had the feeling this entire transfer that I'll be taken out, but I sure hope not. I love this little town too much. I've learned probably too much here. Then again, it might be nice to be taken out of exileI haven't had a district meeting since I got here.

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Posted in Churches/Faith/Religion Post Date 04/25/2017