I often teach my clients that it's not okay to manipulate...

I often teach my clients that it's not okay to manipulate another's free will. What I want you to know is that this is my opinion. This is something I want to believe and follow.

Many teachers, healers or those who practice the work teach this because they hope that those who are empowered with the knowledge will not use it for "wrong."

I put the word, wrong in quotations because who's to say what right and wrong is? If you're religious you may say that God has written the laws of right and wrong but from the perspective of a non-believer that would be your opinion and not fact.

I've been told over and over that it is the "law" that one cannot manipulate or influence free wil. My question is by who? Who set this "law?" And if there is such a law why we're many able to practice black magic or dark energy work unharmed? And why are they able to manipulate without being affected?

I also believe that some,not all, taught this "law" out of fear and I do not believe that our loving God source wants us to live, learn or teach fear at least not in a negative sense.

What is free will?

Here's my take on It but first let's talk about what Free will is. Free will is our freedom to choose. It is usually discussed, taught or questioned in the realm of some type of spiritual belief.

During my learning, practice and teaching of energy I've often been challenged by disapproval. It's been debated continually that it is wrong to go against free will. Let me give you some examples of situations that one would influence anothers will.

Healing work. Sending healing energy to another person.

Influencing a situation that involves another person. For, example two lovers. One knows with a certainty that they want to be in the relationship. The other sits on the fence but does have feelings of like or love for the other.

In my practice I have been successful in teaching clients how to change outcomes in their situations that involve others.

Addressing the healing, the argument is that one cannot send healing work without the permission of the person receiving. My opinion is that is not true. If billions of people can pray for a person or situation that involves others is that not doing the same thing? Did they ask every person involved for permission? Do people always ask permission to pray for others? I don't believe they did or do, at least it's not a common practice to ask and I find that many do not. Besides how is it possible for prayers to work without permission?

I believe you can ask the higher self of an individual or their soul. It will either say yes or no. The Higher Self, from my understanding, will always step in if what is being sent does not work for the person higher good.

As for the influencing a situation involving another, using the example of the lovers, the argument is that one cannot do energy work to influence the other. The reason is that it goes against the free will of the person who hasn't chosen. I say, not true again. It really comes down to awareness something I talk about a lot. If one person does not "choose" (doesn't matter if they are not aware) someone could come right in and choose for them-remember will speaking of free will in spiritual matters. The person being influenced is unaware but has made a choice in the sense that they have chosen to love the other. Even if this person has not chosen to stay in the relationship.. So, the lover who knows what he/she wants can influence the situation with energy because the lover who is undecided has not made a choice.

I know this sounds complex. Basically what I'm saying is if free will is a choice and one person hasn't made that choice someone can choose for them in situations concerning energy work.

Becoming Aware as not have their choice influenced or manipulated?

So how does one become aware? For one, you need to know that spiritual practices, energy work, prayers, witch craft or whatever you want to call it you could call it cookie for all I care is real. It is all done with the basics of intention, vibrations and saying the desire.

Learn more about the things people do in the spiritual realm don't be afraid of it. Know that some people use entities to help them.

More than anything know that no one can take away your free will and no entity can stop you from becoming more aware. Be aware of your Spirit, your body and the everything around you (pshycial and vibrations).

My intentions

The question was asked to me, why in the world would someone want to manipulate another? This was addressing a conversation about my work with energy and teaching a client how to use it. My answer was who knows. There are tons of different reasons why other would want to do this.

For my practice I teach to empower others to take control of their own lives. If the energy work that I teach involves others I always make sure that others involved are protected and not manipulated. This is because this is how " I" choose to practice.

Besides in many cases, I'm helping people who are going to try to do something any ways. I feel like it's a good thing for me to guide/teach them in a positive way so they, and others, are not hurt.

For those who ask, what if people use the energy work you teach for bad? I cannot control others from doing "bad." Plus those guided to me are just that, "guided to me." I believe I have information that is theirs. I do not teach everyone how to do the work because frankly it's too darn difficult to explain. I teach by guidance and example. If they begin to catch on how to use it on their own well, there's nothing I can do about that and I am not responsible for their doings.

Consequences of doing harm and going again free will

Besides, I believe the consequences of doing harm or going against someone's free will be judged by their belief systems in their field. People have a set of rules that are already in the field that they live by. For example, let's say someone sent you negative energy. Your belief is that, that person should have the energy returned unto them three fold. Well, guess what. That belief is your law. So, if you do something negative or positive to someone, by your own law, it will come back to you three fold. Most people in society have a conscious and have been socialized to believe in a wrong and right system. So those who practice negative energy work will get what's coming to them by this idea.

Now for those who do not have a "conscious" well, those I believe are called sociopaths and it's a whole different topic. You may also be concerned about people changing the "law" in their fields. Well, that's not easy to do so I wouldn't worry about it too much. It takes a higher level of consciousness and if they are there I don't think their wanting to change their belief systems for ego purposes.

From what I've seen, those who could/can practice energy work, that involved/s others, successfully influencing their decision/action "without" a repercussion, usually are either an energy worker of an old practice who lives/d by different societal views or is at a higher, so to say, conscious level than many of us here. again if that's the case I really don't see why they would make decisions involving ego at that conscious level.

Bottom Line

Just be aware of the spiritual realm and things. Know you have free will. Speak to your God. Talk to your team. Practice your beliefs. Always protect yourself- prayer does wonders. Just be conscious and practice using your free will.


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