Truly great people

All truly great people whether they are aware of it or not are actually following these biblical principles. And if you truly want to be great then you will have to follow these principles too. You see inside every human being whether they admit it or not is the desire to be great, to live a significant life, to contribute to the progress of mankind, to be able to control their circumstances, to be able to live in the kind of house they want and drive the kind of car they want, and wear the kind of clothes they want. This desire for greatness is inherent in every human being because that's how we we're created. You we're born with this desire and it is a good thing in fact if you don't want to be great and would rather be poor just getting by, begging, average, mediocre, living a life of no real significance then there is something seriously wrong with you.

But greatness is never by accident people don't just stumble across success and become great by doing nothing. I always say that you can't fail without your own permission and you can't succeed without your own contribution. The contributing factor will be whether or not you apply the principles necessary for you to succeed and truly become great of which I am about to share three of those principles with you.

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Principle 1 The principle of fruitfulness

The first command that was given to man according to Gen 1:28 is the command to be fruitful. That word fruit isn't referring to an apple or an orange, but a product. What the text is actually saying is that you need to produce something.

Everybody you consider to be great are so because they have something that they have produced, be it an invention, a business, a service, their talents, their abilities. They have a product that people are willing to pay them for. The clothes on your back is someones product, someone produced the bed you sleep on, someone produced the food you eat, the books you read, the films you watch, the music you listen to, everything that surrounds you was produced by somebody, it was their fruit.

What a tragedy it will be if you spend your whole life eating other peoples fruits and benefiting from their products and services but never producing any of your own. You contribute to making them richer by buying their product or using their services but who is making you richer, who is buying your product, do you even have a product?

There are ideas residing in you right now that can change and revolutionize the whole world, that's your product, there are books, songs, business, inventions, residing in you right now just waiting for you to turn them into fruits. Bill Gates has fruits, so does Richard Branson, colonel sanders had a fruit, P-DIDDY has fruits, Versace has a fruit, Jamie Oliver has a fruit. Where is your fruit, where is your product, the whole world is waiting to receive your product. I look forward to buying your product someday and in so doing contribute to making you richer on your path to becoming great.

Remember that ideas rule the world. There are ideas within you this very moment that carry the potential to literally change not just your life but the lives of people around the world, ideas that can lead to you becoming wealthier than you ever imagined. Ideas turn into money when they've been turned into products not merely remaining ideas Paul Wise Mr Love Ogunkoya

Principle 2 The principle of multiplication

It is impossible to multiply something that doesn't exist; even Jesus had to have 5 loaves and 2 fishes before he could apply the principle of multiplication. So until you've fulfilled principle 1 you won't be able to apply this principle. To multiply simply means to increase by reproduction, or increase in number. So once you have your product you need to increase it in number by reproducing it till you have it in multiples. Then you need to start exposing your product to the people around you, your family, your friends, the people in your city, then expand even further to the whole country you live in. multiply your product so that it can be in the hands of many people.

Principle 3 The principle of replenishing

To replenish means to fill the whole earth, again if you don't apply the previous principle of multiplication you won't be able to replenish. You need to have your product in multiples before it can fill the whole world.

Replenishing will take you to parts of the world you didn't even know existed. Your products will fill the different continents of the earth, your invention will be known in Africa, Asia, Europe, and America. Your product will take you to places you might not be able to physically visit yourself. I'm sure that Bill Gates hasn't been to half of the countries that his products have reached (thats replenishing).

When your music is being played and sung all over the world you are replenishing, when your business becomes known all over the world you are replenishing, when you ability as a sports person is being recognised all over the world and teams want to pay you big money to play for them and people are wearing the teams jersey with your name on the back in Nigeria, brazil, Sweden, India, Japan in countries all over the world like Michael Jordan, and David Beckham then you are replenishing.

When your company, your invention, your face, your products are being advertised on billboards all over the world then you are replenishing and the world begins to call you great, you become known all over the world, people want to be associated with you because you are now great. You should never sell yourself short by settling for average when you can have the whole world, the only difference between you and the people that are already living their dream is that they birthed a fruit or a product (whatever you want to call it) and they we're committed to multiplying and replenishing this fruit.

Isnt it funny that the same book that gave us these principles also says that you will know them by their fruits. Matthew 7:16

So many people that are famous today are so because of the fruit they are producing; we know them by their products. If I say Bill Gates you think of Microsoft, if I say Richard Branson you think if Virgin, we know them by their products. The reason the world doesn't yet know you is because they haven't seen your product. Right now you need to make a commitment to birthing that idea, business, invention, talent, ability that is residing in you and turn it into a product because the world to waiting to know you through your product.

If you never write that book and publish it, you will never know whether it would have become a best seller

If you never produce that song or album, you will never know whether it would have gone platinum

If you never start that business how will you know whether it will succeed?

Many worry to much about their ideas that they never actually get round to producing the product, they plan and analyze so much that by the time they have finished analyzing the idea they are convinced that it won't work and this is without even trying. At least try then see whether it will succeed or not. Produce the product first and worry about the rest later. Don't focus on what you don't have, the lack of resources, how you are going to market and sell your product or service, will people buy etc. yes you have to consider all these things and come up with strategies to make your product successful but don't allow these things to become an excuse for you not to even try.

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