Our Mission

To affirm the sovereignty of God over all creation.

To recognize Jesus Christ as the incarnate Word of God revealed in the scriptures and sacraments, and thus to come to God the Father.

To constantly seek the Truth; to experience the Holy Spirit’s presence; to discern and strive to fulfill the Father’s will (be ye perfect as I am perfect).

To encourage each others’ walk with the Lord through: regular worship and participation in the sacraments; Christ-like relationships within the parish and global community; providing and participating in challenging and ongoing Christian education for all ages; active involvement in outreach.
To encourage and affirm effective individual ministries in Christian service;

To provide opportunity for diversity of worship and liturgy within the essentials of Anglicanism;

To become more intentional in serving others and to build the Kingdom of God in our community and the world;

To encourage and sustain growth in the parish of Holy Nativity.