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This band of young travelers did not change the world, but they made a difference.

They built a safe home for an older couple who we're living in a 10 x 12 shack made of mud and sticks. The shack was leaning at about 20 degrees and could fall at any time. Now the couple has a small concrete home that will not leak when it rains or blow over when a tropical storm comes through. The new residents proudly called it kay mwen (my house).

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These students grew to love the 50 orphaned children where they stayed. They played with them, sang with them, danced with them, loved them. They also taught them about Jesus, three times.

They trekked through the mountains visiting shacks where extended families lived together to hand out solar powered radios to people who never had radios before. They don't have electricity either. The radios also included an audio Bible; helpful since the recipients likely could not read. Along the way, they told these people about the love of Jesus. Four believed that day.

These students contributed about $5000 to the orphanage to help feed the children and make changes demanded by new government regulations. With these changes, this orphanage will continue caring for these 50 orphaned children and the others who come behind them.

Along the way, these students gained a different perspective. They said they understand better what they have; they appreciate their parents more; they found that they love serving; they now have an appreciation for the situation in the rest of the world. These students we're changed, too.

These 21 students and parents did not change the world, but they made a difference, one act of giving kindness at a time. They made a lasting difference in the lives of people far from their comfort zone. I'm proud of them.

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