One Reason why Adam's Death Does Not Transcend History and affect the Animals before the Fall

Further to my response to Christian Orthodox's blog post on pre-lapsarian animal death, I offer the following quote as an example of at least one Father who denied the full efficacy of Christ's historical work in the Passion, resurrection and victory over death and corruption chronologically prior to it's occurrence in space and time.

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Peter didn't know what he was saying, for before the Saviors Passion, resurrection and victory over death and corruption, itwas impossible for Peter to be with Christ and to be permitted into the tents which are in heaven. These things would happen only after the Saviors resurrection and ascent into heaven.

Source: Fragment 200, ACCS, Commentary on St Matthew 17:4

Rdr David Hawthorne's original comment:

An old earther can still see the millions of years of animal death being caused by the Fall of Adam before it had occurred historically in the same way we see the Cross as efficacious not only for those who came after Jesus death and resurrection but also for the Old Testament saints.

So, my thought is: if Christ's passion, resurrection, and victory over death does not ultimately or completely affect those who came before him chronologically, then how could death which has no power save through sin and does not possess mystical power like the Cross transcend time?

There is more studying on my part to do, not only concerning pre-lapsarian animal death, but also to what extent the historical exigencies of Christ's earthly incarnation, ministry, and Passion transcend any historical barriers.

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