About the original 12 Disciples...

By heeding that call to "follow me", Simon, Andrew, James, and John, along with the others who made up the original Twelve Disciples, their lives became about following one man so closely that his dust covered them every day, their lives became about helping to usher in the kingdom of God, their lives became about absolute, radical trust, modeled to them by the One who trusted in God the Father above all else (see especially vv 1-11 in the Scripture above).

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It seems a bit impractical, doesn't it, leaving everything and following? There are kids, spouses, mortgages, and all the things that are so very near and dear to us that we cannot imagine leaving. Those disciples we're young, single guys with no obligations. It's true, those first disciples we're probably young and single and without the obligations that keep us from dropping everything to wander from town to town. Jesus may not be calling all of us to drop everything, but he is calling us to something . What is that something? What kind of radical trust does it require of you to accept that calling?

I'm not saying this is easy. Sometimes our best-laid plans are interrupted by this calling. I never, ever saw myself as a youth director. In fact, the only reason I even started working at my first congregation was because I hated the job I had and thought, "what the heck, let's give this a try," when approached by the pastor. I wrestled for weeks with the decision to accept the job at my second congregation. One thing I have discovered is that the call of God is a difficult thing to just ignore. You can put it out of your mind, but it gnaws at you; you know that something is amiss in your life. Eventually you are forced to confront this sense of call again. It can be scary, and it isn't necessarily easy, but following Jesus is an adventure incomparable to anything you will ever experience.

As you discern what you are called to, may you be covered in the dust of the One who calls you to it.

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